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How to calculate Simple Interest in Excel

Calculating Simple Interest is a superb approach to consider your monetary financial savings upfront. However, calculating it for quite a lot of pursuits and principal sums could very effectively be difficult. This is the place Excel comes to help. If you need to calculate Simple Interest in Microsoft Excel, please study by means of this textual content.


How to calculate Simple Interest in Excel

In case of Simple Interest, the tactic is:

Simple Interest = Principal * Rate of Interest (annual) * Time Period (annual)

Thus, the tactic for finding Simple Interest in Excel turns into:

=<cell with principal value>*<cell with value of curiosity>*<cell with time interval>


  • <cell with principal value> is the cell number of the cell containing the principal amount.
  • <cell with value of curiosity> is the cell number of the cell with the pace of curiosity.
  • <cell with time interval> is the time interval of the deposit in years.

It wants to be well-known that the pace of curiosity is in share. You need in order to add the share picture after mentioning the pace. Not doing so will create a decide the place the Simple Interest attained could possibly be 100 situations the right value.

Also, the foreign exchange of the principal value could very effectively be added from the Home tab.

Eg. Let us assume that the principal values are in column A from cell A3 to A11, value of curiosity values are in column B from cell B3 to B11, and the values of time interval are in column C from cell C3 to C11. The values of simple curiosity are wished in column D from D3 to D11. The technique for simple curiosity in D3 would flip into:


Enter this technique in cell D3 after which use the Fill carry out to maintain it till cell D11. To accomplish that, click on on wherever outside cell D3 after which once more on cell D3. Then, you’d uncover a bit bit dot on the right-bottom nook of cell D3.

Hope it helps!

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