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Venture-Backed Hitch Works, Inc. is Changing How the Workplace Sees its Workforce

Breakthrough Internal Talent Mobility Platform Unleashes Employees Hidden Skills and Organizational Capacity


Hitch Works, Inc. has launched a model new inside experience mobility platform, Hitch™, which transforms the workplace into an inclusive, agile, and adaptive enterprise. Deployed over three years with large enterprises, Hitch has a confirmed observe doc of reworking organizations’ strategies of working and driving bigger productiveness at scale with quite a few worldwide prospects, along with Allianz Global Investors, Dolby Laboratories, and HERE Technologies. According to Gartner, the Internal Talent Marketplace is predicted to alter right into a transformative market section inside the $30.5B Human Capital Management sector.1

On September 16, 2020, Hitch’s award-winning Founder and CEO, Kelley Steven-Waiss, and world-renowned HR commerce analyst, educator, and thought chief, Josh Bersin, will co-lead “Rethink Talent Mobility: Designing Talent Operating Models for the New Era” webinar. Joined by HERE Technologies leaders, they’re going to share how Hitch is altering the finest manner the workplace sees its workforce. To register, go to Hitch.Works.

“Hitch is an AI-based talent mobility solution with an experienced management team,” said Josh Bersin, a worldwide HR commerce analyst. “The founder of Hitch has successfully implemented the agile model of talent mobility, and has a deep understanding of its benefits and applications.”

By using its proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms, Hitch matches the becoming skills to the becoming work. Hitch permits companies to visualise hidden skills inside their organizations to maximise inside experience, improve enterprise agility, and assemble numerous teams. Companies using the platform seamlessly assemble unbiased, cross-functional teams, whereas conserving their workforce upskilled, reskilled, and engaged.

“Hitch provides companies complete visibility into the skills and passions of their employees, and matches them to project-based or full-time roles,” said Kelley Steven-Waiss. “Our Dynamic Teaming capability enables companies to staff mission-critical projects with internal talent and adapt quickly to changing market forces, all while maintaining work continuity and speed.”

Hitch has an expert group of leaders, along with former CHRO Kelley Steven-Waiss, who recently acquired the 2020 YWCA Silicon Valley’s 36th Annual Tribute to Women of Distinction Award for her wonderful enterprise administration. She launched collectively visionary HR practitioners, data scientists, and design consultants to assemble this next-generation platform for the manner ahead for work.

“One of the many things I love about Hitch is the transparency – everybody can see every work opportunity, which was not visible before Hitch,” said George Hudgens, VP of People and Work Innovation at Dolby Laboratories. “Workforce planning was a major initiative at Dolby, and Hitch successfully helped catalog our talent and increase career opportunity awareness, while improving project transparency across departments, divisions, and continents.”


About Hitch Works, Inc. (Hitch)

Hitch is the Internal Talent Mobility Platform for the enterprise that accelerates productiveness and effectivity with its present experience. Hitch seamlessly matches the becoming inside experience and skills to the becoming work, whether or not or not project-based or full-time. This inside experience market creates a convention of inclusion, mobility, learning, improvement, and engagement the place people actually really feel valued, and the group achieves higher productiveness and effectivity whereas retaining its most useful experience. For further knowledge, go to www.hitch.works.

About Kelley Steven-Waiss

Kelley Steven-Waiss is the Founder and CEO of Hitch Works, Inc. (Hitch), board director of FormFactor, Inc., and former CHRO and Chief Innovation Officer of HERE Technologies. She has been a CHRO in experience for 12 years, with higher than 25 years of govt administration and consulting experience in human belongings, change administration, and firm communications. Kelley can be the proud mother of four youngsters, recipient of the 2020 YWCA Silicon Valley’s 36th Annual Tribute to Women Award for her enterprise administration, and co-author of The Inside Gig: How Sharing Untapped Talent Across Boundaries Unleashes Organizational Capacity, launched in April 2020. Connect at linkedin.com/in/kelleystevenwaiss.

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