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AMD drivers for macOS Big Sur namedrop third-gen RDNA hardware

In context: Apple’s first macOS Big Sur beta consists of reference to quite a few AMD GPUs nonetheless beneath improvement. Nothing is extra dependable than a leaked driver, however don’t neglect: that is AMD’s leaked driver, not Apple’s, so not all of those gadgets might be utilized in upcoming Apple merchandise.

Kindly, Apple’s provided the first confirmation of the Navi 31 GPU. Given the third-gen moniker, it’ll most likely use RDNA3. It’s nonetheless two generations away however this can be a good indicator that AMD is on observe for the regular slew of yearly releases they promised.

Meanwhile, there are three completely different RDNA2 gadgets to ponder: Navi 21, Navi 22, and Navi 23. They’ve all been namedropped numerous instances however haven’t been explicitly detailed. It’s probably that Navi 21 will exchange the 5700 sequence and Navi 23 might be extra budget-oriented. There’s solely hypothesis about Navi 22.

macOS Big Sur’s driver refers to 6 Navi 22 gadgets which can be Apple-specific, in keeping with Rogame (who discovered the reference). He previously discovered 4 Navi 21 gadgets that had been additionally unique to Apple. It’s laborious to say which is which, however one sequence will most likely head in direction of MacBooks and different gadgets just like the iMac or Mac Pro. AMD gives Apple with some unique Vega GPUs at present.

Intriguingly, there are mentions of two information middle GPU accelerators, the MI100 and MI200. They’ll be the primary gadgets to make use of AMD’s new compute structure known as CDNA. Those are set to struggle Nvidia’s just lately introduced Ampere A100 GPUs. There’s proof that means the MI100 could have the same core depend because the A100.

Lastly, there’s a reference to Cezanne APUs which can succeed present Renoir APUs (Ryzen 4000). These are included within the graphics driver due to the GPU part of the chip, which might be the primary built-in RDNA gadget. They may additionally use Zen three on the CPU facet.

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