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Intel Xe integrated graphics are seen contesting Nvidia’s discrete GeForce MX350

Rumor mill: Intel’s upcoming Tiger Lake cell processors would be the first to showcase the Xe GPU platform. A leaked OpenCL Geekbench consequence reveals the mid-range Core i7-1165G7 attaining a formidable rating of 59,845, which places it in direct competitors with AMD’s and Nvidia’s most interesting on this section.

In phrases of uncooked horsepower, this Core i7-1165G7 result beats the typical Nvidia MX350 consequence by ~17%. That’s a reasonably nifty lead, on condition that the MX350 has 2GB of VRAM, and the G7 has no devoted reminiscence. The kicker is that they’ve the identical TDP of about 25W (relying on the configuration) – however the G7 comes hooked up to an entire quad-core, octa-thread Willow Cove CPU.

Admittedly, although, the GeForce MX350 is a considerably lame comparability. AMD killed the MX350 with the discharge of the Ryzen 4000 APUs, which provide higher GPU efficiency and incredible CPU efficiency on the identical value. So how does the G7 evaluate to AMD’s stuff?

Intel ought to theoretically win, on paper. AMD’s GPUs have between 384 and 512 shaders and clock speeds across the 1600 MHz mark. Intel’s Xe GPU has as much as 768 shaders and a clock velocity of 1300 MHz.

In the OpenCL benchmark, the Ryzen 4600U reaches a median rating of 38,000, the 4700U will get 40,100, and the 4800U will get 44,000. Even if the leaked ~60,000 result’s an overperforming consequence, Intel beats AMD right here, too.

However, each theoretical efficiency, and the OpenCL benchmark, are very normal outcomes. Intel has usually maintained a lead in these classes previously even when AMD’s {hardware} has been outperforming them in real-world checks. For now, the proof means that Intel will at the very least be aggressive, however there’s no winner at this level.

The elephant within the room is the CPU facet of those processors. AMD appears to have a transparent benefit in CPUs. Ryzen 4000 APUs have as much as eight cores, whereas Tiger Lake maxes out at 4. Can Willow Cove compete with Zen 2 with half the variety of cores?

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