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We’ve detected an application running with administrator privileges

If after you put in PowerToys on Windows 10, you run Registry Editor or PowerShell as an administrator or carry out actions that lead to User Account Control dialogs being displayed, and also you obtain this notification; “We’ve detected an application running with admin privileges”, then this put up is meant that will help you. In this put up, we’ll describe why chances are you’ll obtain this notification, in addition to provide what you are able to do to beat this anomaly.

When you encounter this subject, you’ll obtain the next full error notification:

We’ve detected an software operating with administrator privileges. This blocks some performance in PowerToys.

We’ve detected an software operating with administrator privileges

PowerToys solely must be elevated when it has to work together with different functions which might be operating elevated. If these elevated functions are in focus, there will probably be a battle between PowerToys and people packages operating with admin privilege, therefore PowerToys will be unable to run in elevated mode thereby triggering the error notification.

There are solely a few eventualities during which PowerToys wants administrator privileges, comparable to when transferring or resizing home windows, or when intercepting sure keystrokes.

The following particular instruments are affected:


  • Snapping a window right into a zone
  • Moving the window to a special zone

Shortcut information

Keyboard Remapper

  • Key to key remapping
  • Global degree shortcuts remapping
  • App-targeted shortcuts remapping

However, in the event you’re confronted with this We’ve detected an software operating with administrator privileges subject, you’ll be able to comply with the directions outlined under to resolve the problem.

Do the next:

  • Click on the PowerToys icon within the System tray/Notification space on the intense proper of the Taskbar.
  • Right-click on it and choose Settings.
  • Click the General tab.
  • Click Restart as administrator.
  • Once PowerToys reopens, click on Settings.
  • Now toggle the button for Always Run as administrator to On.

That’s it!

The Windows 10 model of PowerToys has been accessible as a preview for a short while now, and Microsoft is step by step including an increasing number of useful utilities to it.

Currently, with the addition of File Explorer Preview, Image Resizer, Keyboard Manager, PowerRename, PowerToys Run, the quantity for utilities in PowerToys is now 7.

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