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No Nvidia Killer? Big Navi’s best matches the RTX 2080 Ti, falls short of the RTX 3080 Ti

Rumor mill: It’s an thrilling time for PC followers. Not solely is Nvidia set to launch its shopper Ampere playing cards throughout the subsequent few months, however AMD can be launching the RDNA 2 ‘Big Navi’ merchandise. There had been discuss of Team Red’s flagship being an “Nvidia Killer” that provided 50 % extra efficiency than the RTX 2080 Ti, but it surely appears the cardboard received’t be as monstrous as that declare suggests.

Coreteks, citing sources in Asia, reviews that AMD has began sharing particulars of the RDNA 2-based GPUs with its Add-In Board (AIB) companions. They say the efficiency degree of the high-end card—codenamed Sienna Cichlid—is simply 15 % higher than Nvidia’s RTX 2080 Ti, and that’s solely in choose AMD “optimized” video games.

It was anticipated that Big Navi could be a direct competitor to Nvidia’s top-end RTX 3080 Ti, however plainly the RTX 3080 is a extra lifelike goal. While that may disappoint AMD followers, there’s some excellent news: the corporate is reportedly going to undercut the RTX 3080, providing avid gamers what’s going to nonetheless be wonderful efficiency for a lower cost.

The publication writes that there shall be two Big Navi-based playing cards at launch: the high-end product and a lower-end various—very similar to the 5700XT and 5700—each of which is able to use GDDR6 reminiscence. There’s additionally a mid-range product, codenamed Navy Flounder, that appears set to launch early in 2021.

We do not have lengthy to attend earlier than discovering out the report’s accuracy. Big Navi will reportedly be unveiled in early September, with the playing cards launching on October 7. Nvidia, in the meantime, is rumored to launch the Ampere GPUs on September 17.

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