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Micron slips up, reveals details of Nvidia’s upcoming RTX 3090

Facepalm: Micron in a not too long ago revealed tech briefing let slip some particulars about Nvidia’s Ampere era of graphics playing cards that the GPU maker in all probability needed to maintain beneath wraps till its launch occasion later this month.

Micron within the briefing (PDF) listed the RTX 3090 in a chart as having 12 GDDR6X modules, 19-21 Gb/s/pin, 76-84 GB/s/placement, 912-1008 GB/s/system and a complete body buffer of 12 GB.

“Working close with Nvidia on their Ampere generation of graphics cards, Micron’s 8Gb GDDR6X will deliver up to 21Gb/s (data rate per pin) in 2020. At 21Gb/s, a graphics card with 12pcs of GDDR6X will be able to break the 1TB/s of system bandwidth barrier!”

As Tom’s Hardware highlights, all of the proof appears to counsel it’ll be 21 Gb/s.

When Nvidia teased its upcoming occasion, it talked about 21 days and 21 years. The 21 days reference is in regard to the truth that its unveiling is scheduled for 21 days out (on the time), on August 31. That simply occurs to be the identical day that Nvidia unveiled its authentic GeForce 256 GPU precisely 21 years in the past.

We ought to know extra quickly as Nvidia’s massive reveal is simply over two weeks away.

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