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Nvidia shares RTX 3000 graphics card details ahead of August 31 unveiling

In transient: Nvidia confirmed that it created a brand new 12-pin energy connector to switch the generally used 8-pin connector. The firm stated the brand new connector is smaller than its predecessor however is ready to carry extra energy.

Nvidia on Wednesday printed a video wherein it defined among the design philosophies that went into creating the thermal resolution for its upcoming Ampere household of GPUs.

As Nvidia thermal architect David Haley recounts, the first law of thermodynamics states that vitality can’t be created or destroyed in a closed system.

Thus, with a view to get extra efficiency out of a GPU, you want to have the ability to carry in additional energy and successfully dissipate the elevated warmth. To try this, Nvidia’s engineering crew used computational fluid dynamics instruments to simulate how air flows via a system. From there, they tweaked the PCB design, created a brand new spring system to connect the cooler to the cardboard, relocated the cooling followers and adjusted the software program that controls the followers.

The heatsink and fan tweaks are consistent with what we’ve seen from leaked pictures to date, additional bolstering their validity.

At the top of the video, we get a quick preview of what’s believed to be the 3080 cooler.

Nvidia is anticipated to share all throughout an internet presentation scheduled for August 31.

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