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How to enable or disable Taskbar Thumbnail Preview in Windows 10

Taskbar Thumbnail Preview is among the many most useful and attention-grabbing choices provided by Windows 10. This operate reveals a tiny preview inside the kind of a small thumbnail image of the open dwelling home windows packages whilst you hover over the making use of icon on the taskbar.

By default, the taskbar thumbnail preview on Windows 10 is enabled and it has a predefined hover time – primarily set to half a second. When the particular person hovers on the thumbnail that pops up, he/she is going to sneak-peek of what is working on the responsibility window with out going to the working program.

For occasion, if two Google Chrome dwelling home windows are open and in addition you hover your mouse cursor over the making use of icon on the taskbar, it could pop-up 2 tiny previews of each of your Google Chrome dwelling home windows. This gives you a small snapshot of the open dwelling home windows and permits you to select the one you need to activate. We have confirmed an occasion of this operate throughout the image beneath:

Unquestionably, this operate has been very helpful, nonetheless for some clients, it proved out to be a nuisance. This is due to the elevated number of accidents that occur when the mouse hovers over a course of and opens an undesirable program fortuitously. This is one goal many shoppers favor to even disable this operate.

In this weblog, we are going to give attention to every, find out how to permit and disable this operate on Windows 10.

Enable or Disable Taskbar Thumbnail Preview in Windows 10

There are three other ways to disable or permit taskbar thumbnail preview on Windows 10:

  1. Using Group Policy editor
  2. Using Windows Registry
  3. Using system superior settings

Let’s check out these three methods in further ingredient.

1] Using Group Policy editor

Follow these steps to Disable Taskbar Thumbnail Preview in Windows 10 using Group Policy Editor:

1] Go to the ‘Start Menu’ and kind ‘gpedit.msc’ and hit ‘Enter’

2] On the native group protection editor navigate to ‘User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Start Menu and Taskbar’

3] On the ‘Standard’ tab exhibiting on the underside of the interface, discover ‘Turn off Taskbar Thumbnails’ and double click on on on it.

Taskbar Thumbnail Preview in Windows 10

4] Select ‘Disable’ and apply the modifications. This will disable thumbnail photographs on the taskbar.

Taskbar Thumbnail Preview in Windows 10

You can now confirm your Taskbar; it won’t current the Taskbar Thumbnails Preview.

To permit the Taskbar Thumbnail Previews, operate as soon as extra, select the ‘Enable’ selection in step 4.

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2] Enable/Disable taskbar thumbnail preview in Windows 10 using Windows Registry

We talked about that Taskbar Thumbnail Previews work on a predefined hover time. Increasing the hover time will make certain that this operate’s peeking function is delayed, which suggests it will not have enough time to ever appear. You can try this by making a quick edit to the Windows Registry, observe these steps:

1] Click ‘Start’ and enter ‘Regedit’ throughout the search self-discipline.

2] Click on the ‘Yes’ button when the User Account Control prompts you to agree to allow this program to make modifications.

3] Now, navigate to the following Registry key:


4] On the right-pane, create a model new DWORD (32-bit) and title it ‘ExtendedUIHoverTime

5] Once the price is created, double-click on it, and extra click on on on the ‘Decimal’ selection.

6] In the Value data self-discipline enter the delay time.

Please remember – For every second you need to delay you may need to add 1000. So, if you would like a 30-second delay it’s best to enter 30000 into this self-discipline as confirmed throughout the beneath occasion.

7] Press ‘Ok’ to save plenty of modifications and shut the Registry Editor.

Now, reboot your system to place these modifications into influence. Taskbar Thumbnail Previews would not appear until the specified time (30000ms) has elapsed.

Please remember – Improperly modifying the Windows Registry might trigger Windows malfunction and Windows couldn’t operate precisely. Also, please take a backup of your registry settings sooner than modifying it. This data reveals the choice methods to Backup and Restore the Registry.

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3] Using system superior settings

Taskbar Thumbnail Previews is a peeking operate which is a type of seen influence on Windows. This seen influence will probably be turned on or off from the system’s settings. Follow these steps:

1] Press ‘Win + X’ to open the Windows shortcuts menu.

2] Click on ‘System

3] On the ‘System’ settings internet web page, click on on on the ‘system info’ selection exhibiting on the right-hand side.

4] Now select ‘Advanced System Settings’.

5] In the ‘Advanced’ tab, discover the ‘Performance’ and click on on on ‘Settings’.

6] In the ‘Visual effects’ tab, discover the ‘Enable Peek’ selection.

7] To permit the Taskbar thumbnail previews, confirm the sphere, whereas to disable it, uncheck the sphere.

8] Click ‘Apply’ after which hit ‘OK’ to save plenty of the modifications.

The Peek operate is fantastic once you’ll need to protect a observe of what is going down in your system, primarily once you’ve gotten a million points open all through a busy day. We hope this data helps you to disable/permit at your private consolation and need.

If you need any help using this tutorial or following the steps, please be completely happy to get in contact with us by dropping a comment throughout the suggestions half beneath.

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