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How to kill a Process using Command Line in Windows 10

Windows 10 affords Task Manager not solely to grasp which program or software program is taking how a lot of the helpful useful resource, nevertheless it permits you to terminate or kill apps that stop responding.  If there’s one course of that is inflicting the difficulty, you probably can merely deal with them.

In the case of a variety of processes taking quite a few CPU sources, Task Manager is cumbersome to make use of. So, on this put up, we’re going to uncover methods to kill one or a variety of processes using the Command Prompt or PowerShell.

Kill a Process using Command Line

Using Command Prompt

The capabilities of Task Manager might be achieved using command-line based totally devices— Tasklist and Taskkill. To kill, its a two-step course of.

  • First, now we have to uncover the Process ID using Tasklist,
  • Second, we kill this method using Taskskill.

Task List Memory Usage

Open Command Prompt with admin privileges by typing cmd inside the Run quick (Win + R) adopted by pressing Shift + Enter.

To view the processes, kind the subsequent and hit Enter:

Taskview /fo desk

Note the tactic ID listed beneath the Process ID column.

You could kill a program using the exact title.

To kill a course of by its title, kind the command:

TASKKILL /IM "process name" /F

So for Chrome, this method may have a status as chrome.exe.

Type and press Enter the subsequent to kill Chrome.

Taskkill /IM chrome.exe /F

The /F swap is used to kill the tactic forcefully.

To kill a course of by its PID, kind the command:

TASKKILL /F /PID pid_number

Now to kill a variety of processes concurrently, run the above command with the PID’s of the entire processes adopted by areas.

TASKKILL /PID 2536 /PID 3316 /F

For each course of, you may have to add /PID chance, after which execute it.

That acknowledged, proper right here is one issue it is best to know. These days an software program spans itself into smaller packages, and each of them has a distinct course of id. Taking an occasion of Chrome, it has a PID for the extension, one for subroutines, and so forth. Finding the primary course of i.e., mum or dad program ID is simply not easy, and so if you want to kill an software program, it is best to make use in fact of namer to kill it.

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Kill course of using PowerShell

To see the itemizing of working processes, execute the subsequent command in an elevated PowerShell quick:


To kill a course of using its title, execute the subsequent command:

Stop-Process -Name "ProcessName" -Force

To kill a course of using its PID, execute the subsequent command:

Stop-Process -ID PID -Force

There are many choices to Task Manager if it is not on the market.  Programs resembling Process Explorer from Microsoft is a fantastic add-on which affords additional particulars in regards to the course of, and even allow you to kill a variety of functions in a single go. However, Taskview, Taskkill or Stop-Process, could be utilized to kill functions on distant laptop methods as successfully, which is not doable for all third-party packages.

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I hope the put up was easy to observe.

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