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How to rename a Printer in Windows 10

This submit will current you find out how to rename a printer in Windows 10. By default, everytime you arrange a printer, Windows 10 robotically set its title based totally on printer sequence, model amount, and producer.

If you ever actually really feel the need to change the printer title, then it could be achieved using built-in selections accessible in Windows 10. This submit covers all these selections with step-by-step instructions to rename a printer along with the built-in digital printer usually referred to as Microsoft Print to PDF. You can change the title of a Printer in Windows 10 using Settings, Control Panel, PowerShell or Command Prompt.

How to rename a Printer in Windows 10

In this submit, we’ve now confirmed you Four strategies you will find a way to change the title of the printer:

  1. Using the Settings app
  2. Control Panel
  3. Windows PowerShell
  4. Command Prompt

1] Rename a Printer using the Settings app

access printers and scanners page and use manage button for a printer

The settings app incorporates a separate internet web page for Printers & scanners. You can entry that internet web page after which proceed extra to rename a printer.

To Rename a Printer using the Settings app:

  1. Open the Settings app using Win+I shortcut key
  2. Access the Devices menu
  3. Select the Printers & scanners internet web page.
  4. On the right-hand side, you’ll notice the report of accessible printers and scanners.
  5. Select a printer of your choice after which press the Manage button.
  6. Under Manage your machine half, use the Printer properties risk.

Open printer properties

This will open the Properties window of that printer with General tab.

There you’ll notice the title topic.

change the printer name and save it

Now you will find a way to enter any title you prefer and Apply and save the changes using OK button.

2] Rename Printer title using the Control Panel

open devices and printers in control panel

To Rename a Printer using the Control Panel:

  1. Type administration panel in Windows Search discipline and press Enter.
  2. Under Control Panel, change View by mode to Small icons or Large icons.
  3. Select the Devices and Printers risk.
  4. All the put in printers will in all probability be seen to you.
  5. Right-click on a printer and use Printer properties risk.

The Printer Properties discipline will open with General tab. In the title topic, enter the required title, and reserve it.

change name of printer and save

Your printer’s title will in all probability be modified effectively.

3] Change the title of a Printer using PowerShell

Windows PowerShell helps you to rename a printer using two simple directions.

First of all, it’s advisable to open an elevated PowerShell.

Now, get the report of put in printers using the subsequent command:

Get-printer | Format-List title

rename a printer using windows powershell

The title of all printers will in all probability be seen to you. Copy or maintain in thoughts the title of the printer you would like to rename.

Now, it’s advisable to run a command which will comprise the new title and the outdated/current title of your printer, an identical to the second command highlighted inside the image above. The command is:

Rename-printer -NewName “New Name of Printer” -Name “Current or Old Name of Printer”

This will change the title of that printer immediately.

4] Change Printer title using Command Prompt

Command Prompt moreover helps you rename a printer with two simple directions. In the first command, you will find a way to see the names of all accessible printers. And, the second command makes use of a VBS script to rename a printer.

In the 1st step, you should run the Command Prompt as an administrator.

After that, open the report of printers using this command:

wmic printer report short-term

use command prompt to rename a printer

Now you perceive the printer title that you just want to rename. Move to the second step.

Execute the subsequent command to rename your printer:

Cscript C:WindowsSystem32Printing_Admin_Scriptsen-USprncnfg.vbs -z “New Name of Printer” -x -p “Current Name of Printer”

Just add a model new title and present title of your printer inside the command and it will rename that printer.

This is how one can rename a printer in Windows 10.

All the alternatives and steps are pretty simple. Use any risk you need and alter the default printer title to the personalized title of your choice.

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