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Niko Partners: 75% of China’s 720 million gamers live outside the biggest cities

Seventy-five % of China’s 720 million gamers keep exterior the most essential cities, in response to a new study by market researcher Niko Partners.

Niko found that the 720 million decide is roughly 51.3% of China’s full inhabitants, a model new milestone that reveals how quickly China’s sport viewers has grown. That is up from 48.9% in 2019, 40.5% in 2016, and 29.7% in 2014. By comparability, 65% of the U.S. inhabitants performs video video games. The quick industrialization and modernization of China has occurred further clearly inside the massive cities, nonetheless the smaller cities are massive by Western necessities and an unlimited provide of gamers at the moment.

Another attention-grabbing reality is that 48% of gamers in China are women and girls, Niko talked about. And of people ages 18 to 35 years earlier, higher than 90% are gamers. These stats counsel China has modified so shortly that it acquired’t be prolonged sooner than it catches up with the demographics of gamers inside the U.S. Niko forecasts that China will rise to 772 million gamers in 2024 — higher than twice the U.S. inhabitants.

The report shines a light-weight on gamers all by means of China, not merely inside the major cities, and is Niko’s first with an in depth analysis of gamer habits and spending by geography, gender, and platform. Cities in China are separated into 5 tiers, and the report urges sport companies to amass prospects in smaller cities consequently of 70% of sport earnings comes from tier three to tier 5 cities.

Gamers in China spend further time having fun with video video games than collaborating in one other train surveyed. Eighteen % play video video games higher than 30 hours per week. And they spend vastly further leisure time on-line than offline. For occasion, 45.2% go to the cinema, nonetheless 91.8% watch movies on-line, and 68.9% exit buying, whereas 86.8% retailer on-line.

Niko president Lisa Cosmas Hanson talked about in an piece of email that worldwide gaming companies see China as an unlimited market that is robust to enter, and however they see the gamers in major cities as nicely price the promoting effort wished.

“One important takeaway from this report is that if a company is going to make the effort to market and target potential gamers in China, they should carefully examine the differences in gaming behavior and requirements city to city, tier to tier, to make sure that the effort made is appropriate for acquiring as many users as possible,” Cosmas Hanson talked about. “Niko Partners has been tracking the video game market in China for 18 years. To us, it is no surprise that gamer behavior, spending, and preferences differ between the major cities and the smaller cities. Our data clearly shows that the ratio of the population who are gamers is rising, and the growth of gamers in the smaller cities is rising because of access, infrastructure, and evolution of gaming preferences.”

Eighteen years in the previous, tier 5 cities in China didn’t have working water or electrical vitality, nonetheless now they’re liable for a large chunk of sport revenues. Cosmas Hanson talked about gaming is the major sort of social leisure in China. It might be low-cost and obtainable — considerably on smartphones.

“Many female gamers are mobile gamers, and as the mobile games segment expands in terms of game genres, monetization models, and user acquisition models, more [women and girls] come into the gamer base and then incorporate gaming as part of their social entertainment system,” Cosmas Hanson talked about. “With such a huge population (1.4 billion people), a small change in the industry can result in a large increase in gamers and spending.”

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