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Playtika’s rebranding is all about communicating — to players and employees

Playtika grew up in Israel as a social on line on line casino sport agency, nonetheless it has expanded successfully previous that class by a bunch of acquisitions. And so the company, now valued at a variety of billions of {{dollars}}, has rebranded itself throughout the phrase “infinite ways to play.”

At its core, Playtika believes that life desires play and its job is to create infinite strategies to play its video video games that span casual, hardcore, and social on line on line casino genres, Playtika CMO Nir Korczak talked about in an interview with GamesBeat.

While it has carried out a worthwhile hand at on-line poker, the company has expanded by 15 acquisitions since its founding a decade prior to now. And now it found that it wanted to make clear its mannequin to its private staff, a lot of whom joined the company by acquisitions. Now the company is taking a breath to see what it has constructed. The rebrand helps the company as a result of it recruits new staff and pulls its teams collectively.

But it’d moreover help the company to lastly assemble a meta-brand, the easiest way that Procter & Gamble has a mannequin for top of the range merchandise, though it owns tons of explicit particular person product strains. One lesson for various companies: It is possible to create an overarching mannequin that represents the collective power of a lot of explicit particular person sport or product producers.

Building Playtika

Robert Antokol started Playtika with a workforce of progress veterans in 2010, and Caesars Interactive Entertainment acquired it early on. But Caesars supplied Playtika in 2016 to pay down debt. A consortium of Chinese sport companies acquired Playtika for $4.Four billion. At that time, Playtika had larger than 2,800 staff, nevertheless further gives have now expanded the employees to above 4,000 people.

The agency operates 20 utterly completely different video video games, and all of them are free-to-play titles that get frequent updates (this is named dwell operations). Playtika has larger than 35 million avid gamers who come once more to their video video games every month — and 12 million who come once more every day. The studios are in 19 locations of labor.

Playtika has acquired sport companies akin to Jelly Button in Israel, Wooga in Germany, and Seriously in Finland. It is rumored to be considering an preliminary public offering, nevertheless Korczak declined to contact upon that. In any case, he talked about, a large agency akin to Playtika desires a clear imaginative and prescient, and now he says it has one. The gives have expanded it successfully previous its casual and social on line on line casino roots.


Above: Nir Korczak is the chief promoting and advertising and marketing officer at Playtika.

Image Credit: Playtika

The thought behind the rebranding is to help staff all through the company understand what the Playtika mannequin means to them, as well as to what to converse in regards to the agency’s values to avid gamers.

“The main reason to kick this off was the internal need from the employees about what Playtika means,” Korczak talked about. “We can all connect to a basic human truth that says ‘life needs play.’ Everybody has a sense of play from the time we are born to when we die. Everything in our lives has some kind of play in it.”

Work on the rebranding began larger than a yr prior to now, and Korczak led it. He has been in on-line promoting and advertising and marketing for 15 years, working at places akin to Google and Aditor. In 2017, Playtika acquired Aditor, a promoting and advertising and marketing firm for mobile apps and video video games. At Playtika, Korczak and his workforce seen the need to pull all people collectively in a varied agency with quite a few corporations all through video video games. They wished to have a mannequin that outlined what the company was all about with out proscribing it to any given topic akin to social on line on line casino video video games.

One of the problems the video video games share in widespread is that they are free-to-play and take care of dwell operations, the place the game not at all ends and is constantly up to date over time to keep avid gamers engaged. They can proceed infinitely, and that’s the place the mannequin meaning fits.

“Our purpose is to entertain the world through infinite ways to play,” Korczak talked about.

Above: Playtika has larger than 4,000 staff in 19 areas.

Image Credit: Playtika

The mission is to entertain the world. It will do that with a varied portfolio of video video games. And each sport could have more and more extra property and content material materials over time so that the game is limitless. And the company will try to have an infinite range of corporations related to experience, design, and promoting and advertising and marketing.

Employees appreciated the model new mannequin and its message when requested about it in polls, Korczak talked about.

“So much of the company is working from home and it’s very important that we all have one story, one vision, and that we all speak the same language.”

The widespread thread with the studios is to create the easiest experience for the purchasers. It doesn’t matter which type, Korczak talked about.

Embracing vary

Playtika's new brand motto is infinite ways to play.

Above: Playtika’s new mannequin motto is infinite strategies to play.

Image Credit: Playtika

The mannequin message is admittedly very broad. But it supplies id previous Playtika being a gaggle of explicit particular person studios.

“Each one of the studios has its own DNA, its own roadmap, its own focus. We didn’t change the company. We just connected the dots into one story,” Korczak talked about. “We have a Chinese owner and Israeli management. We are trying to connect the dots and enjoy the benefits of having different cultures in different studios.”

Asked if the mannequin embraces vary, Korczak talked about, “Absolutely. Absolutely. I think that this theme is about opening your mind. We are saying we are team players. When we combine our strengths, we don’t just run faster, we become unstoppable. The power is when we connect the dots together and become one team.”

The first a part of the branding effort focused on staff. So far, Playtika simply is not planning to take a place carefully in selling for exterior audiences akin to followers of its utterly completely different video video games.

“As a brand, this is mainly an employer brand,” Korczak talked about. “When it comes to marketing to users, it’s usually the studio that undertakes that.”

Overall, Playtika has superior proper into a house filled with producers. The promoting and advertising and marketing worth vary is managed inside each studio. Other companies have been on the enlargement path as successfully, akin to Zynga. In that case, the company preserves the particular person producers of the acquired companies whereas sustaining an even bigger meta mannequin about altering the world by video video games.

Playtika has a new logo.

Above: Playtika has a model new model.

Image Credit: Playtika

“Infinite ways to play is something that everyone can understand and they can understand how their own role fits with that vision,” Korczak talked about.

Playtika has modified its model of a cheetah, nonetheless it has saved the first considered a company that strikes fast.

“We all understand that we are in the entertainment industry,” he talked about. We understand the intention that we’re coming to work to present a tremendous experience to our prospects. Now take it from proper right here. You because the employee can take it to regardless of you want. We give the employees the freedom to do regardless of they want in that home.”

The effort took up a lot of time for administration and staff.

“If employees understand why we are doing what we do, they can be our best ambassadors,” Korczak talked about. “That’s definitely one of the KPIs [key performance indicators]. This is something very important because employees can connect to the vision.”

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