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Mozilla Firefox 82 Is Now Available for Download

Mozilla has just released another major update for Firefox browser, this time bringing the app to version 82 on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

What’s very important to know is that Firefox 82 is now available as a manual download only, as Mozilla has only posted the official installers on its FTP servers. In other words, the automatic rollout through the built-in update system for existing Firefox users is yet to kick off, but it should also get the go-ahead tomorrow when the release is officially announced.

And speaking of the official release, the Firefox 82 changelog isn’t available just yet, though we can already get a preview of what’s to come after this update thanks to the beta channel.

For example, in addition to the typical fixes that are part of every release, Mozilla has also refined the experience with the Picture-in-Picture mode, with its dedicated button now having a new look and position, all with the purpose of making everything easier to use.

Firefox 82 also comes with important fixes, including for the PDF experience and for printing bugs.

The fight against Chromium browsers

Moreover, the browser now displays a warning when it blocks a download due to security reasons. As we know already, browsers can automatically block the download of a specific file in case it considers it risky, so beginning with version 82, Firefox should make it clearer when this happens, regardless of the platform that you are using.

Firefox is currently the world’s third most-used desktop browser, after Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, and is often considered the only worthy alternative to Chromium browsers that are already winning the market.

However, Mozilla has remained fully committed to further improving the browser, and earlier this year, the company switched to an accelerated release cycle, with major updates announced every four weeks.

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