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New Remote Play app will let you stream your PS5 games to your PS4

In brief: If you plan to hold on to your PS4 after Sony’s next-gen PlayStation 5 launches in a few days, you may be pleased to hear that it’ll be good for more than just acting as a glorified paperweight. Right now, Sony is automatically rolling out a “PS5 Remote Play” app to PS4 owners, which will theoretically let yo u play PS5 titles by streaming them to your PS4.

This could be useful if you, say, give your PS4 to a friend or simply decide to keep it in a different room of your house. Using the app, you can connect to and control your PS5 just like you could if you were sitting right in front of it.

You can swap through the menus, play next-gen games, and more. However, there are only four quality options: 540p (for low-end network connections), 720p, and 1080p. 4K playback is not available, regardless of how good the TV you’re streaming to happens to be.

Eurogamer claims that you first need to turn on your PS5’s Remote Play setting to allow your PS4 to connect. To do so, you reportedly go through the menus in the following order: Settings, System, Remote Play, Enable Remote Play. Easy enough!

It remains to be seen what sort of limitations will be in place here. As our readers may know, the PS5 benefits from its unique DualSense controller, which features precise haptic feedback technology to enhance immersion and even enable a few extra features. The PS4’s controller does not contain any such functionality.

Regardless, we’ll know exactly how PS5 Remote Play works in just a few short days when the general public gets its hands on Sony’s newest device.

Middle image credit: Eurogamer

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