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RudderStack Introduces RudderStack Cloud Free, a Free Tier of Their SaaS Customer Data Platform

RudderStack Cloud Free makes it easier than ever for everyone to try a modern CDP


RudderStack, the warehouse-first customer data platform (CDP) built for devs, announced the launch of RudderStack Cloud Free today. RudderStack Cloud Free is a no time limit, no credit card required, completely free tier of the company’s SaaS offering, RudderStack Cloud, which was released in October.

One of the primary benefits of a CDP is to eliminate the customer data silos that are created through use of a variety of common, popular marketing, sales, and product technologies. With the exception of a small number of modern CDPs, they all fall short in doing this, and, frequently, the CDP itself becomes its own data silo.

RudderStack’s warehouse-first approach solves this problem. RudderStack builds their customers’ CDPs on their own data warehouses, with support for cloud data warehouses like Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Snowflake. It does not persist any of the customer data that is sent to it. This is beneficial to RudderStack customers because it is more cost-effective, more secure, and more flexible than other CDPs that store customer data in their own private data warehouses and charge a premium for that storage.

RudderStack Cloud Free makes it easier than ever to try RudderStack. RudderStack has always been an open source project. So it has always been available for everyone to use for free, but using open source RudderStack always came with the additional toil and expense of setting up and maintaining the infrastructure to support it as well as updating and maintaining the software itself. RudderStack Cloud Free eliminates this toil and expense. Customers get the same great experience as RudderStack Cloud Pro, with the only limitation being a cap of 500,000 events per month.

“Modern CDPs have been inaccessible to too many people for too long, and we want to change that. Our warehouse-first approach fixes the primary problems that make existing CDPs unrealistic for many, and our software being open source means that anyone can deploy and self-host their own RudderStack. So we have raised the bar on being accessible, but we want to take it even further, making it as easy as possible for anyone to simply sign up and try RudderStack. That’s why we launched RudderStack Cloud Free.”
– Soumyadeb Mitra, Founder & CEO, RudderStack

Start building a better CDP with RudderStack

Start building a better, warehouse-first CDP that delivers complete, unified data to every part of your marketing and analytics stack. Sign up for RudderStack Cloud Free today.

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About RudderStack

RudderStack is the warehouse-first CDP built for devs. It makes it easy to collect, unify, transform, and store customer data as well as securely route it to a wide range of common, popular tools. Learn about how RudderStack can help build a more cost effective, secure, and flexible CDP at rudderstack.com.

Join RudderStack’s Slack to chat with their team, check out RudderStack’s open source projects on GitHub, and follow RudderStack on social: Twitter, LinkedIn, dev.to, Medium, YouTube.

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