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Google Play’s best games of 2020 — Genshin Impact is the big winner

Google Play announced as part of its annual awards that MiHoYo’s Genshin Impact walked away with the title of best game of 2020.

These are the games that brought people together during an unprecedented pandemic when they couldn’t meet in person. And since Google Play has more volumes of users around the world than iOS, they are also the games that were likely played by the biggest audiences around the world.

Google Play’s pick for the best app of 2020 was Loóna: Bedtime Calm & Relax. You can see that this title and many of the games and other popular pastimes are based on the notion that good entertainment distracts us from reality, and 2020 certainly offered us an awful reality. Google Play’s editorial team looked at considerations such as quality, high user ratings, and unique use cases. In this case, the cultural impact of Genshin Impact had to be celebrated, the team said. “From a stunning open-world design to a unique combat system, Genshin Impact gave people a new experience on more than one level,” the team said.

The mobile games listed are accessible, as mobile games are something that everyone can enjoy, Google said. Players gravitated toward casual subjects, perhaps because they wanted upbeat or funny content.

Here’s the list of the award winners in games.

Above: Google Play has picked its favorite apps and games of 2020.

Image Credit: Google

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