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Electronic Arts creates Full Circle studio in Vancouver to make #Skate4

Electronic Arts revealed today that it is opening new development studio called Full Circle to build the next game in the Skate series. Full Circle joins EA Sports and Respawn Entertainment as the publisher’s third developer in Vancouver.

Former Xbox Live boss Daniel McCulloch is overseeing the team as general manager.

“The fans wished Skate back into existence, and we want them to feel involved in the process from development to game launch and beyond,” said McCulloch. “We want them to feel like they are a part of Full Circle.”

Full Circle is also looking to bring in new talent to work on Skate.

“We’re all about having fun and making great games that people want to play with their friends. And, we’re looking for more developers to help us build compelling worlds for players to explore.”

Familiar faces return for #Skate4

While McCulloch is stepping in to run development, EA also brought back Skate’s core creative leads to shape the next game. Both Deran Chung and Cuz Parry are back in their roles as key designers.

“We’re so stoked to be back working on Skate,” the Chung and Parry said in a statement. “Some would say things have come full circle.”

Oh, I get it!

This continues EA’s investment in the Vancouver development scene, which has an abundance of talent. The city is a massive tech hub, and it is still significantly more affordable than comparable U.S. cities like San Francisco or Los Angeles. Plus, Canada has produced some powerful skateboarding names like Pierre-Luc Gagnon and Sluggo Boyce. Now, that energy can come to skateboarding video games.

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