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Microsoft Announces Major Microsoft Edge Update for Linux

Microsoft Edge is currently available as a stable browser on Windows and Mac, but as far as the Linux version is concerned, only a preview is offered to users on this platform.

But on the other hand, Edge for Linux is evolving at a pretty fast pace, and this week, Microsoft announced that Linux users can now sync their favorites in the browser.

Needless to say, you need to be logged int with a Microsoft account, but in addition, you also need to enable the MSA sign in flag to get the new capabilities.

“Microsoft Edge on Linux now includes the ability to login with your Microsoft account and sync your favorites, passwords, extensions, and more! As an insider, we would love your feedback on how well this experience works for you,” Microsoft said in an announcement this week.

Worth knowing is that AAD accounts are not yet supported, but once you provide your Microsoft credentials, you should eb able to configure the sync feature and decide what data you want to roam across devices. Favorites, passwords, and other browser data are currently supported.

Edge stable for Linux coming later this year?

The sync process doesn’t take more than a few seconds, and when you click your profile icon in the browser’s UI, you should see whether syncing is enabled or not.

The new feature is only available in Microsoft Edge Dev 91.0.831.x, so make sure you update to this version if you’d like to try it out.

Microsoft hasn’t yet provided an ETA as to when Edge for Linux is supposed to hit the stable channel, but most likely, the whole thing is supposed to happen later this year. I expect some info in this regard to be shared at the Build developer conference when Microsoft will also offer a thorough look at the new improvements coming to Edge browser.

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