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Nvidia’s ‘Ampere Next’ GPUs are set to arrive in 2022, ‘Ampere Next Next’ will follow in 2024

Forward-looking: Nvidia’s latest GPU Technology Conference (GTC) kicked off today, albeit in an all-digital format. Online-only or not, though, company CEO Jensen Huang still took to the stage to give us all our annual tidbits of juicy GPU news (and more). This time around, that news came in the form of a roadmap, which lays out Nvidia’s rough hardware plans for the next four years.

Between now and 2025, Nvidia aims to release six generations of hardware. Two of them will center around GPUs: Ampere Next and Ampere “Next Next.” We assume (and hope) these architecture names aren’t final, but the cards will be releasing in 2022 and 2024, respectively.

That’ll give everyone about another year to enjoy (or not, considering the widespread GPU shortages we’ve seen lately) Nvidia’s 30-series GPUs before the next hardware leap arrives. If Nvidia sticks to its current RTX naming conventions, Ampere Next will likely be branded RTX 4000-series, with Next Next taking on the 5000-series moniker.

It’s too early to predict things like performance, energy efficiency, or cooling capabilities for these next-gen GPUs, but other products are coming up on Nvidia’s roadmap, too — namely, its newly-announced ARM-based CPUs (called Grace and Grace Next, for now). These CPU generations are scheduled to launch in 2023 and 2025.

Finally, Nvidia’s Data Processing Unit (DPU) Bluefield will also be seeing two new iterations; Bluefield-3 in 2022 and Bluefield 4 in 2024. Nvidia hopes its new DPUs will offer exponential increases in raw processing power. Bluefield-3 is set to be 10 times faster than its predecessor, and Bluefield-4 could bring a 100x performance boost.

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