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Nvidia is increasing supply of the RTX 3060 starting next month

In brief: Following a long and depressing period for gamers looking to buy new graphics cards, we’re finally starting to see the first signs of market improvement—and here’s some more good news: Nvidia is reportedly increasing the supply of its popular RTX 3060.

The RTX 3060 has proved one of the most sought-after cards from Nvidia’s Ampere line since launching on February 25, 2021, thanks to its excellent price ($329 MSRP) vs. performance ratio. It was also an appealing prospect for miners after Nvidia accidentally released a driver that bypassed its own hash rate limiter.

It means the card has been one of the more difficult to buy—not that they aren’t all hard to find—but a report from ITHome claims Nvidia is increasing supply of the new Limited Hash Rate (LHR) RTX 3060 cards.

The initial production is reportedly being prioritized for internet cafés in China. The cards are said to arrive on July 10, and café owners can pay a deposit now to secure shipments, but the extra numbers will eventually start moving down the supply lines to the retail sector.

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This is latest piece of positive news regarding the graphics card crisis: retailers are implementing more ways of stopping scalpers; GPU prices are dropping following the China crackdown on mining; ASRock and this recent report claim prices and availability are improving; and falling crypto values are making multi-GPU mining rigs less appealing.

We’re still some way off any semblance of normality. However, our monthly look at GPU availability and pricing shows the average eBay selling price of Ampere/RDNA 2 cards fell -8% from May to June, while the Nvidia RTX 2000-series was down -14% during the same period.

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