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Sony is asking PlayStation 5 owners if they’d like to buy another PS5

WTF?! Do you remain frustrated at not being able to find a PlayStation 5? Sony is sending out a new wave of purchase invitations that allow people to buy its console without the lottery that is online retailer restocks, which is good. It’s also sending these invites to people who have already bought one or more PS5 machines, which is bad.

Wario64, who’s been behind many gaming leaks and reveals in the past, tweeted that they received an invite to purchase a PS5 via PS Direct on Wednesday, despite having already bought one of the consoles.

Many PlayStation 5 owners took to Reddit (thanks, GamesRadar) to say they also received these invites, which seem to be ignoring records of people who have already purchased at least one through the PlayStation Direct program.

Unlike retail sites where customers are under pressure to buy a PS5 as quickly as possible lest someone else raid their cart, Sony recommends lucky invitees browse the store and add accessories such as extra DualSense controllers and games to their orders. It also specifies that the URL needed to buy the PS5 must not be shared or used by anyone else, accessed before the start time, or used on multiple devices. Otherwise, recipients could be locked out of the system.

News that PS5 owners are being invited to buy the same console again will be frustrating to those who joined the list but have never received an email, leaving them the option of paying a fortune on eBay.

Back in May, Sony said it would ramp up PS5 production “over the summer and certainly into the second half of the year.” Conversely, this statement came just days after it said shortages were expected to continue throughout 2022.

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