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Teamgroup is teasing an M.2 SSD drive featuring an AIO cooler

Forward-looking: Teamgroup posted a video announcing it will hold an event on September 23rd, where it will announce new storage solutions and new DDR5 memory modules. Out of everything the company teased in the video, one product caught our attention, an M.2 SSD with an AIO cooler attached.

The video from Teamgroup shows the company is planning to launch five different products: the Cardea A440 Pro M.2 SSD, the Cardea Liquid II M.2 SSD, the M200 portable SSD, and Vulcan and Delta RGB DDR5 modules. For now, we still don’t know much about them, but the silhouettes in the video give us some hints of what we might expect from them.

Out of all these products, the highlight is the Cardea Liquid II M.2 SSD. Succeeding the PCIe 3.0 Cardea Liquid M.2 SSD, the new Cardea Liquid II looks to offer a superior liquid-cooled solution, featuring a single fan AIO cooler with a massive pump on top of the M.2 SSD.

As the successor to the Cardea Liquid, the Cardea Liquid II is expected to use a PCIe 4.0 interface. After all, why would Teamgroup choose to cool an M.2 SSD if it wasn’t for their fastest SSD? Many will consider this solution overkill based on what we’ve seen from other PCIe 4.0 SSDs, but we’d rather see it in action first before jumping to any conclusions.

Moving on to the other products, the Cardea A440 Pro M.2 SSD is expected to be an upgrade over the standard Cardea A440 currently on the market, offering higher transfer speeds, increased lifespan, and a sizable heatsink. As for the M200 portable SSD, it’s a bit harder to guess its specifications, as the naming and the image don’t reveal much about the product.

The video also showcased the Vulcan and Delta RGB DDR5 modules. Like other Vulcan series modules, the Vulcan DDR5 should cover the entry-level gaming segment, leaving the enthusiast segment for the Delta RGB DDR5 modules. These modules will join the Teamgroup DDR5 memory kit available on Amazon.

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