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Microsoft Edge Stable Now Available on Linux

Microsoft Edge is a browser that’s constantly improving, and Microsoft is focusing on several fronts, including not only Windows, but also macOS and Linux.

Until now, however, Linux is the only platform that didn’t get a stable build of Microsoft Edge, with the current official packages only allowing users to install testing builds.

But as it turns out, a stable version of Microsoft Edge on Linux is just around the corner, as the Yum repository has recently been updated with such packages. Microsoft hasn’t yet announced the stable builds, but Linux users can already download the packages manually on their computers.

Naked Security indicates the builds have been published on October 28 and October 29, so in theory, an announcement from Microsoft is pretty much imminent.

In case you’re wondering, yes, these builds seem to be legit, and installing them on a Linux machine works as you’d expect them to work.

Microsoft Edge development

The new version of Microsoft Edge is based on Chromium, the same engine that’s powering Google Chrome as well.

And just like Google, Microsoft is working on several fronts to improve the browser, with the company rolling out testing builds as part of several channels called Canary, Dev, and beta. Needless to say, those who want to try out new features in advance can always download these builds, though it goes without saying they also come with an increased likelihood of problems.

The stable versions of Microsoft Edge are updated every four weeks, as Microsoft has aligned its release cycle with the one used by Google for Google Chrome.

We have reached out to Microsoft to ask for more information about the stable builds of Microsoft Edge that showed up online, but expect an announcement to go live anytime soon anyway.

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